Luwero Judge Jails man for calling himself Jesus Christ

Inset: Solomon Ssemakula alias Joshua Jesus/ Jesus Christ
Inset: Solomon Ssemakula alias Joshua Jesus/ Jesus Christ
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Court in Luweero District, on thursday November 9th 2017 remanded Solomon Ssemakula for calling himself ‘Jesus Christ.’ He ‘Jesus’ was aligned before court’s Chief Magistrate Juliet Hatanga on charges managing as well as belonging to an unlawful society contrary to the Penal code Act.
Last year, Emmanuel Solomon Ssemakula, the man claiming to be son of God, was arrested and charged with sabotaging government programmes as he instructed his followers not to go to the hospital when ill. All they had to do is to pray to him.

The ‘son of God’ disappeared shortly after Kiwoko Grade I Magistrate’s Court in Nakaseke District released him on bail in July 2016. Back then, Emmanuel Solomon Ssemakula claimed he is only preparing people for the end times. Savannah region police spokesperson Lamech Kigozi revealed that Ssemakula h conned several residents out of money, using his cult.
However, Solomon Ssemakula who said he was called Joshua ‘Jesus Christ’, was early last week re-arrested in Luweero District claiming not to be under any secular authority including the President of Uganda.

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He was arraigned in court along with three of his followers and remanded to Butuntumula Government Prison in Luweero District until November 22, 2017 when they will appear before Chief Magistrate Juliet Hatanga for hearing. They were denied bail after they told court that they had no relatives who would stand surety.
Court heard that Joshua ‘Jesus Christ’ and his 03 followers between August and October 2017 held and convened unlawful society at Butalyamisana village in Bamunanika Subcounty in Luweero District.

They allegedly claimed that they are not subject to any Worldly authority including the police, local Council administration and the President of Uganda posing a threat and inciting to interfere with or resisting to submit to the laws of the land and Uganda.
Appearing before court last year, Solomon Ssemakula alias Jesus asked the Court Judge to stop addressing him by own name, But instead call him Jesus. Or else, the judge will face biblical plagues as written in the book of Revelations.

Ssemakula, told the judge that he is the Biblical son of God. And that he must be worshiped. Drama ensued in court as ‘Jesus’ expressed dissatisfaction with the way the Uganda Police was handling him.
He wondered why he is not handled with the dignity he deserves as the “Son of God.”

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Uganda is steadily proving to be home of cults with outrageous cult cases like the infamous Von hornisleth who raided a village in Mukono district a few years ago. Hornisleth gave out free piglets to whoever accepted to take on his name. Our minds are also still fresh with the infamous Joseph Kibwetere Massacre, among others.

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