Lilian Mbabazi speaks out on Radio’s death: ‘‘You have left a huge gap that NO ONE will ever fill’’

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Lilian Mbabazi, one of the four widows of Mowzey Radio, has been quiet since the death of baby daddy and talented vocalist Mowzey Radio. On Sunday, Mbabazi took to social media to express her sorrow. In the emotional post, Lilian Mbabazi retold that Mowzey Radio’s death left ‘‘a void no one can fill’’

“I have been trying so hard to get the strength and words to write something about you Papa Asante. I have been in a nightmare and I can’t seem to wake up from it. Knowing that I can’t see or talk to you is very hard for me to understand,” she wrote.

She continued: You were kind, a SPECIAL human being and the greatest talent of our generation. I am blessed I got to share many moments with you, I am grateful for our amazing children. You have left a huge gap that NO ONE will ever fill. I love you Papa Asante forever and May God give me the strength and courage to raise our children to continue your legacy.

She further thanked everyone who has supported her in this trying time.
“To everyone that has reached out and supported me through this time, I want to say thank you so much and I am humbled… May God bless all of you… Papa Asante we miss you and I see you every time I look into our babies’ eyes… Words are not enough to express how I feel in this moment. Please rest in perfect peace. I will be still and know that He is God….”

The two lovers had an on and off relationship due to radio’s marathon romps with other city chorus babes. Mbabazi gave birth to a son and a daughter after they met while students at Makerere University where they pursuing the same course.

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