Kenyan Film Mully Listed for Oscars

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By Hilary Kimuyu
One day, when he was five years old, Charles Mulli woke up to find that he had been abandoned by his family, with no means to survive, he became a beggar, a street boy.
Years later, he found himself in Nairobi where his fate changed. He had a family, a nice car, businesses, he was rich and his dreams were panning out right before his eyes.

But all that changed when he began to see himself in street/orphaned boys’ eyes and his conscious could not allow him to continue living a lavish life while these children were out on the streets languishing.
He questioned why God wanted to take him back to his previous life, but later vowed never to work for money again.
This is the real life story of entrepreneur Dr Charles Muli told in an 81 minute documentary that premiered in Los Angeles.
The filming of the documentary titled Mully began four years ago and launched in October 2017. The movie had three launch dates in USA, October 3, 4 and 5 in select cinemas. It also screened in Canada and Jamaica.

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The story follows his work as an entrepreneur and founder of Mully Children’s Family. He adopted the first child in 1989 and the homes have so far helped over 13,000 children.
The homes are spread across the country in Yatta, Ndalani, Turkana, Mombasa and Kitale. There are others in Mwanza and Dare Salam, Tanzania.
“After being abandoned, I found my family after 11 years. My father was abusive and addicted to alcohol. He was a violent man and whenever he would start fighting with my mother I would hide under the bed,” he told ActScene.
To start supporting the orphaned and needy children, Mulli sold everything, and opted to forego all the wealth he had accumulated and instead use it to care for them. That however, did not go down well with his family.

“It was turmoil, but it was the beginning of another chapter. It took a long time for my family to adjust, but I stood firm,” he said.
The film has so far won several awards including The Man in the Mirror award and has been screened in 80 cinemas across the United States of America.

The documentary feature has also been listed for an Oscar nomination. It will premiere in Kenya next year in January. It has been 29 years since Mulli began helping the less fortunate by educating and clothing them.
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