‘‘Kenya is greater than any individual, we are an icon of peace & a role model for progressive Democracy’’- Uhuru Kenyatta

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By President Uhuru Kenyatta
The State of Kenya’s security is Strong. Our homeland is secure from the varied threats against it.
While we celebrate the state of our national security, our region is increasingly unstable. We are witnessing the escalating conflicts being caused by ethnicised and regionalized competition for political power.
As has always been the case, we are working hard to support peace and reconciliation processes where they are needed the most.

We seek to export our peace and pragmatism to our region knowing that success will further secure our Nation.
We must always remember that the wages of bad politics is the people’s suffering and ruin. Many neighbouring countries need a handshake, they need a politics in which competition is not turned into enmity.
They need political leaders focused on including the young and desperate not inciting them to revolt against their country and their elders.
We have learned as Kenyans that elections alone cannot bring peace and unity to a divided people. For that, leaders must reach out to each other and build bridges over turbulent waters to allow the people to cross into safety and prosperity.

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Our state of national security will remain strong as long as we practice inclusive and sober politics. I ask the Members of parliament, all leaders, and all Kenyans to deeply ponder their role in promoting the politics that assures our security, deters our enemies, and is focused on serving the people.

The future of Kenya is bright, beckoning

Like Moses in the Bible who sat at the top of Mount Nebo and saw the future that the people of Israel were about to Cross into the Promised Land, I too have seen our future:
This is what our future looks like;
A Kenya where no one will ascend to a high public office on account of their tribe
A Kenya where no capable person will wallow in poverty because of poor governance
A Kenya Where our potential as a people will be exploited for the greatness of our nation
A Kenya Where we will all share equitably in the prosperity of our Nation.

The Future is bright
The Future is beckoning
The Future is here for us to take
Indeed, a future where truly our Justice will be our Shield and Defender
Every Journey starts with a single step, taken in faith, at times against all odds. That journey has commenced with the release of the Building Bridges Initiatives Report. Major changes are needed to our Constitution and other laws so as to lay the foundation for the prosperous future that we seek.
As a people, we must seize this constitutional moment to ensure that we deliver to future generations of Kenyans the country that they deserve.

Kofi Annan aptly reminded us that, “The world is not ours to keep. We hold it in trust for future generations.”
This moment in time is our meeting with destiny. When generations come long after we are gone, let them say that we made the right decision at this moment; that we chose unity over division; that we dreamt of and birthed a happier, more harmonious and more prosperous Nation.
Kenya is greater than any individual. Indeed, Kenya is greater than the sum of its citizens. We are a beacon of hope, an icon of peace and stability in a volatile region, and a role model for progressive African Social Democracy.
These qualities are not inherent, and we must continuously water them from the well of our national commitment to a better, brighter, and more inclusive Kenya for all.

As we seek to grow our democracy and deepen institutional synergy within Government, I challenge the leadership of our two Houses of Parliament to strive, as much as possible, to resolve issues of concern by consensus building.
As worldwide experience shows, there is always some level of jostling to be expected between the two chambers of a national legislature, as they each seek to better exercise their institutional mandates. Those issues should only escalate to external dispute resolution processes as a last resort, doing otherwise, hurriedly compromises the legislative authority of the House.
On our part, the Executive will always be at hand to aid in that consensus building and to foster internally mediated outcomes within Parliament.

Let me re-iterate this: The State of our Nation is Strong, Steady, and Resilient. Similarly, the state of our economic development is and remains on course despite unexpected disruptions to our economy and way of life, chiefly from COVID-19.

Editor’s note: A heavily edited seventh state of the Nation address by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, at parliament buildings, Nairobi on November 12th 2020

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