Judith Heard’s Grandmother is dead

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Socialite Judith Heard has lost her grandmother. She broke the unfortunate news on her Instagram page Thursday morning.
The granny, whom the partygoer loved to colloquially refer to as ‘Kaka’, also made her recall her late father.

“MY BEAUTIFUL KAKA is gone say hey to daddy and tell him I miss/love him so much I can’t get you off my mind. I will always love you and I will never, ever forget what you did for me, for us and basically everyone around you. The thought of not having you around really hurts me,” reads a statement posted by Judith Heard on Instagram.

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“I wish you can read this, see this.. , and I hope you’re doing good. You brought a lot of love and joy not only to my life but to many others. You will live not only in heaven, but also in my heart. Rest in peace. I LOVE YOU, GRANDMA.”

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