Jose Chameleone’s Rwanda music tour flops

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It seems Ugandans have exported their Tuboonga Naawe boycott to other countries.

The latest victim was none other than music heavyweight Jose Chameleone who’s show in Rwanda flopped kabisa!

The self-styled music doctor has been missing in action for a while because he had gone to our beautiful neighbours to collect some Rwanda Francs. He returned last week and he is now back to his motherland but in a not so happy or rather moneyed mood.

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On the Rwandan trip, he was accompanied by former rival turned-friend Mozey Radio – who has himself tasted the Tubonga Naawe boycott twice in Dubai and Jinja.

Information reaching us reveals the legendary musician is cursing the fellow who asked him to go to Rwanda. It is said; Chameleone had to cancel his tour after a poor turn up in the first show. He had planed for two shows.

So, could it be that Ugandans in Rwanda influenced the Rwandese not to attend Chameleon’s shows over Tubonga Naawe? Could it be that the music doctor has nothing to offer of recent?

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