Is Buganda plotting to bring down Tamale Mirundi?

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By Nakawunde Kautharah


Looks like the war of words between the Buganda Kingdom and controversial Tamale Mirundi is not about to end. The Kingdom has yet found an everlasting solution to celebrated outspoken journalist and political pundit Tamale Mirundi.

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You can rightly say the Kingdom has decided to exterminate Mirundi’s rising fame by making fun out of him by creating a one-hour long show  that is similar to the famous One-on-One with Tamale Mirundi on NBS TV.


The Program DR.T broadcasts every morning on Buganda owned television-BBS. The show stirs a replica of Tamale Mirundi who vividly makes a fool out of the Real Tamale Mirundi.


The Program, which has attracted a mammoth of viewers seemingly looks at inducing Tamale Mirundi Masterminded lies with a combination of comedy, entertainment and satire.


However, it is probably a win-win situation for the struggling BBS Telefayina given the fact that they have finally found a flagship programme DT which will take its competitors by storm.



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