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We are always the first to break the news and we believe ours is beyond gossip. Newz post has learnt that the situation is still sombre at the Buganda Owned Television Station-BBS tv dubbed Telefayina Eyaffe.

Stakeholders are wondering why the programmes are yet to start. Here comes the reason. It is none other than a cocktail of battles.

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The chit –chat is that the Royal family is still in negotiations with a one Freeman (Kiyemba) and Kenya’s Citizen Television who are said to be the majority shareholders in the business.

Reliable sources have told us that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is still settling battles between Gaster Lule alias Ntake on one hand and Katikiiro Charles Peter Mayiga and Freeman.

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It is understood that Mr. Lule complains that it was the Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga who pestered him to start a station ( Delta tv) and assured him of Partnership with Buganda only to let him down by conniving with Kiyemba to start BBS.

The CBS radio management had also plotted to take over BBS but later the Katikiro ordered that BBS tv is meant to create more Jobs for the unemployed Baganda Youth not more jobs for those who have. Our prayer is that issues are settled.

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