If you can believe in God & Jesus you have never seen, why not believe there is Corona in Uganda-Pastor Male to fellow Pastors

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‘‘My unbelief. Why haven’t cameras of the of TV stations captioned at least one patient of Covid -19 in a Ugandan Hospital receiving medical care’’ Pastor Michael David Kyazze of Omega healing church posted on Saturday

As of Saturday march 28th , 7 new cases of #COVID19 were confirmed by the Ministry of Health. These are among 225 people whose samples were tested on saturday, 28th March 2020. This raises the number of confirmed cases to 30

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In another video [posted on Friday] which went viral, Pastor Augustine Iga of Revival Church Kawala , can be heard saying , that the Corona Virus is not in Uganda. He was arrested on Saturday and detained at Old Kampala Police station.
These statement did not go well with vocal Man of God- Pastor Solomon Male of Arising for Christ ministries
Pastor Male asked the Man of God to spare some free time and drive to any of designated COVID-19 centers in Uganda to confirm for himself

‘‘The media people are not the only ones that can get information. Please drive to Entebbe Hospital where am sure you cannot be barred from to see those interned.’’ Pastor Male told Pastor David Kyazze.

He added: If I had a vehicle of my own, I would have done that and furnished you with evidence.

‘‘If America, Italy, Spain, India, China & all other countries can take such drastic actions, why not accept?’’ he went on

‘ ‘If you can believe in God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit you have never seen with eyes, why not believe there is the Corona challenge from what is happening the world over? Do you want loved ones to first get infected?’’ Pastor Male wondered.

‘‘Your unbelief tends to insinuate that the Corona Virus here is nonexistent!’’ he concluded

Last week President Museveni in an effort to control the spread of coronavirus suspended [among others measures] religious gatherings for 32 days.

The presidential directive has denied the men of God a source of revenue- that comes through offerings and tithe

Pastors who have been arrested for defying the directives

March 22, Msgr. Gerald Kalumba (Vicar General, Kampala Archdiocese) was briefly arrested for celebrating Mass at Christ the King Parish disregarding Presidential directives.

On 25th March, Police in Kajjansi arrested Pastor Rashid Mutebi of Blessed Feelings Church International and 30 of his followers for defying the Presidential directives. On interrogation, the Pastor alleges that the Christians came from far and he was still looking for money to transport them to their homes.

On Sunday 29th March, The Security Inter-Agency Joint Task Force arrested pastors: Immaculate Biyinzika of Praise Jesus Worship Church Kajjansi and Pastor Moses Baker of Alter Truth Ministries of Komamboga Kyanja
The pastors were picked by Police with 30 and 20 worshippers respectively
Pastor Biyinzika tried to resist arrest on defence that she was praying with only her family members at her home which is collocated with the Church. However, Police found the Pastor collecting offertory and her congregation was far bigger than her residence could accommodate.

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