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By Pastor Solomon Male / Opinion

On 18 Sept 2016 after featuring on Ssuubi FM Sunday program, Okutambula Kulaba then running from 08.00pm, I received a phone call from a lady who asked me to help out a man she had heard on radio crying for help.

From her brief, the man had featured in the media claiming to have been circumcised, cut on the arm and used by one of the pastors in Uganda whose names had been withheld to dupe people into believing that that pastor had great miracle-working power and to con them.

On 20 September 2016, I received another phone call from a male (preferring anonymity) who sought to meet me on the same matter before the end of day.

When we met, he played for me an audio recording of Mukasa Joseph Kato’s confession of how Bishop Patrick Makumbi of the International Healing Centre church, Lweza with the assistance of his wife Miria had not only circumcised and cut him on the arm with his wife Miria, but used him to hoodwink their followers and entire public into believing that he had been prayed for and delivered from misambwa spirits, witchcraft and cannibalism to which he had been dedicated and initiated in Mwanza, Tanzania when aged only five.

That to hoodwink followers and the entire public into believing Makumbi as a miracle maestro and feel need to sow into his anointing, Bishop Makumbi had promised him riches which included a car, house, an unspecified sum of money, marrying for him a wife and ensuring that he
had a comfortable life.

On his part, Kato would go and pretend to have run mad in his villages of Kalagala in Kiboga District and Bukwaya Island in Buvuma District and ensure he is taken into shrines where he would learn witch-doctoring tricks, then return to Lweza and masquerade a witchdoctor and cannibal whom Bishop Makumbi is inspired by God to deliver during the Sunday service.

That after successfully executing the fraud plan, Bishop Makumbi had taken him to feature with him in his media programs arranged for him by Divosh on Family Radio and UBC TV.

That in 2010, he had called in a Bukedde journalist who interviewed him from Makumbi’s church and featured him in the Bukedde Ku Ssande, 21 March 2010, page 24 story:

Mukama amponyezza emisambwa egyampongerwa kitange ku myaka ettaano.’

That it was failure on Makumbi’s part to honor his promises that prompted him to speak out, get help and expose the fraud.

Though not surprised to hear such a story, I wondered how so far people can dare to get wealth. I told him of the need for thorough investigations to test its authenticity lest it turned out to be a hoax.

He gave me his phone number  and I instantly called him for a brief of his story which lasted 1 hour and 9 minutes. I have the recording. He repeated what I had heard in the audio.

I asked him whether he was not fabricating a story just to tarnish Bishop Makumbi and he said what he was telling me was the truth.

When I told him of the need for me to investigate his story, he pledged to cooperate. Hence, my investigations which uncovered how Bishop Makumbi had, using kato and the media duped Ugandans to believe that he has great anointing and powers to work miracles.

On 22 Sept 2016, I met Kato for the first time and travelled with him to Kalagala, Kiboga where I interviewed him from

On 26 Sept 2016, I went to the New Vision library and for close to 8 hours, searched for the Bukedde Ku Ssande false story, saw it, paid for a copy and got it.

Then I embarked on an investigation to find out whether the story’s contents were true, or false as Kato had already confessed that the story was his and Bishop Makumbi’s concoction.

On 19 Nov 2016, I travelled with Bukedde reporter, Patrick Tumwesigye to Bukwaya Island, Buvuma District to investigate its contents and what Kato was saying now.

Our findings prove that indeed, Bishop Patrick Makumbi and Joseph Kato Mukasa alias Sentongo staged Kato’s2006 and Bukedde Ku Ssande 21 March 2010 confessions.

From testimonies got there, Joseph Kato Mukasa has never been a witchdoctor, nor ever tasted human flesh, nor been anywhere in Tanzania for witchcraft training. Nor did his father ever indulge in witchdoctoring.

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Tragic is that his staged madness nearly cost his step-mother Christine Thambit’s life because she was accused of bewitching Kato.

In the Bukedde Ku Ssande story 21 March 2010, Kato cites Bishop Makumbi claiming that in the service was a witchdoctor who had gone to Entebbe area to bewitch whom God had convinced to go to his church, International Healing Centre, Lweza and get saved.

And when Kato responded, Makumbi not only prayed for him but took him to radio, Television and caused his featuring in Bukedde Ku Ssande 21 March 2010, close to 4 years since their staged miracle was done!

Though Kato religiously fulfilled his part of the deal, Makumbi defaulted which compelled Kato to expose the deal.

Sadly, when the Bishop Makumbi – Kato miracle faking deal got sour and Kato exposed the fraud, instead of remorsefulness, Bishop Makumbi went to court, opened High Court Civil Suit 663 of 2016 and obtained a
court order barring Kato from exposing more.

On Thursday 2 Feb 2017, 11.00AM High Court, Civil Division at Twed Tower  mediation case 352 of 2016 between the two failed and the main case was fixed for hearing on 14 Feb 2017. Kato insisted that the two had made a deal to con people.

That evening, after Kato’s being compromised, the two made another deal for Kato to claim that it is me, Pr Moses Solomon Male, Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda, Bishop Joshua Lwere and some media persons who had told him to falsify the 2006 miracle staging and allege that it had been a deal to con people.

On Sunday 5 Feb 2017, Kato featured in Makumbi’s church, International Healing Centre, Lweza claming that Bishop Makumbi had delivered him from witchcraft and that it was Pastor Moses Solomon Male, Bishop David Kiganda, Bishop Joshua Lwere and others who had engaged him to falsify the delievence and claim that it had been a concoction of the two to con the faithful.

That night, Makumbi’s lawyer, Nsenga also took him to ‘repent’ in the 77 DOGS at Rubaga Miracle Centre before Channel 44 Miracle TV Cameras and the so called confession was featured on Miracle TV.

Interesting at Rubaga Miracle Centre is that Kato said he had been a witchdoctor before going to Bishop Makumbi’s church. But when Pr Robert Kayanja insisted that he tells the truth, he said he had never been a witchdoctor; it was circumstances that had compelled him to claim so.

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On where Pr Solomon Male, Bishop David Kiganda and Bishop Joshua Lwere had found him to convince him to accuse Bishop Makumbi, he said they had met in churches where he used to go testifying that he had been a witchdoctor and Bishop Makumbi had prayed for and
delivered him! How impossible it is to sustain lies?

I have more on video and audio to prove that Bishop Makumbi and Kato made a deal to hoodwink followers and the entire public.

The writer can reached on : 0772479386 / 0702196511

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