House maid jailed for infecting two-year-old with HIV/ AIDS

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Jemima Nasifah alias Tumukunde Zainabu, a Rwandan national, was on Monday charged before City Hall Court Grade One Magistrate Esther Nahirya for allegedly infecting a two-year-old baby with the deadly HIV/AIDS
Prosecution led by Jackie Kyasimire told court that, Jemina Nasifah a house maid between the 30thJune and 3rd July 2017 at Kiwatule Kazinga zone in Kampala knowingly that she was HIV Positive cut herself on the right hand and put her blood on the baby’s open wound around the nose.

Ms Kyasimire told court that Jemima was caught in the act after the victim’s mother heard her baby crying. Jemima denied the offence. She was remanded to Luzira.
recently the Ministry of Health included house maids on the list of most at risk population in the spread of HIV/Aids. With a seven per cent prevalence rate, housemaids are feared to get infected and spread the virus at almost the same rate with prostitutes and fish mongers.

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“A housemaid may have sexual intercourse with the owner of the house, the male child, the home guard, the Shamba boy, the delivery boy and even neighbouring men, sometimes they have no power to dictate the use of condoms especially with their bosses,” said ministry of health official.
In January 2014, a 64 year-old Rosemary Namubiru was allegedly caught in the process of injecting her HIV-infected blood into a two year baby by the infant’s parent at Victoria Medical Centre, a private medical facility in the capital, Kampala. The parents of the victim had taken the baby to the health facility for treatment when the incident occurred.

Prosecutors alleged the nurse, had pricked one of her fingers with a syringe and then, with malicious intent, unlawfully attempted to cause the death of the baby by using the same syringe to inject the baby knowing her blood was tainted with HIV, the virus that causes Aids.
“I did not intend to inject the baby with HIV-infected blood. I had, maybe lost my head when I used the same syringe on the child,” she pleaded.

The most recent UN Aids report indicates that Uganda is losing the fight against Aids given the increased prevalence rate, a fact the government blames on the reluctance of the population due to the presence of ARVs and low sensitisation on behavioural change as a tool against the virus.

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