Hague Institute for Innovation of Law to help Uganda in the automation of courts

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The Chief Justice Bart Magunda Katureebe held a meeting with Ms. Tobijin De Graauw from the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL). Ms. Graauw is in the country as part of a follow up activity on the partnership between the Judiciary, HiiL and Justice Leadership Group.

She presented a summary report resulting from the Chief Justice’s meetings in The Hague in December, 2017 on access to justice with HiiL and Justice Leadership Group.
The two went on to discuss how to improve access to justice in Uganda in partnership with those organizations.
Other issues discussed included:-

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• How to improve the Judicial Training Institute and establish linkages with other training institutes.
• How to strengthen and supervise local council courts when they are in place so as to develop the informal justice sector in Uganda.
• How to improve law reporting and develop a judicial data base to create a hub for people to access court decisions.

• How to use technology to fight systematic corruption.
Ms. Graauw reiterated HiiL’s support in the automation of court processes to improve public trust and confidence in the Judiciary through effective use of media and the Judiciary Editorial Board.

The Chief Justice revealed that discussions are ongoing to establish a customer care centre for Judiciary which will support customer care desks in other courts.
The meeting was attended by the Chief Registrar, HW Gadenya Paul Wolimbwa and the Chief Justice’s Private Legal Secretary HW Boniface Wamala.

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