Govt. official asks Chinese investor for 02 mobile phones to have his mining licence renewed

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Malawi’s Chief Mining Director was recently caught on tape discussing a bribe with a Chinese, who wanted a mining licence renewed.
Apart from large sums of cash, he also demands mobile phones for himself & his boss, the Minister of Mining

Here is the transcript of what was caught on tape:

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Director: You want to pay 200 million for minister…
Chinese: Yes… Director: And 40 for me?
Chinese: Yes… Director: And 60 for committee?
Chinese: Yes… Director: And then? We renew the licence?

Chinese: Yes… Director: It will be difficult. Chinese: Why? You get money
Mining Director: Yes, what I want to say is there will be a problem. Because people want us to cancel the licence

Chinese: But we already make two borehole, there.

Mining Director: Ok. Don’t worry. So you pay this, and you also pay 750…
Chinese: No, I will talk with Minister
Director: So, you give us this money. By 10th you pay 50 per cent, the other 50 per cent remains. We will renew the licence

Chinese: When? Director: We can do even before expiry, we can break the law. I think about three months to renew it.
Chinese: Why so long time?
Chinese: Possible you help me by December? I pay full amount no problem.
Director: OK. But the problem is that you don’t have the K2 million to give our boss
Chinese: You don’t know me, my friend.

Director: I know you’re a distinguished man. I believe you and I trust you.

To clear his name, the Chief Mining Director released a statement on Wednesday, arguing that he was just playing along, and would not have taken a bribe because he is “God-fearing man”.

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