Escaping the modern sex sirens

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In modern English, a siren or sex siren describes a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive. In the presence of a seductive beauty, a man’s brain may flow between his eyes and gonads, which is dangerous.

If a man could avoid unseemly sights, he would live a peaceful unobstructed life. But enter Miss Pretty, dressed in a long blouse and no skirt, decorated like a X-mas tree, with gold-brown rings hanging on her ears! Few are the men who can survive the alluring charm of a fanciable, bootylicious femme fatale.

Note that not all beautiful ladies are seductive. Some are modest and socially well-adjusted, even in the company of the opposite sex.

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How many times, however, do you feel that the young lady is seducing you with her skimpy dress that announces the colour of her g-string? How often do you feel the way she walks is luring, enticing, tempting, or awakening the man in you?

Like the sirens of Odysseus’ time, the sirens of our times are deadly. Some are ticks looking for blood to suck and if you are a mule, be ready to wallow. Some are tsetse flies carrying a permanent sleeper’s disease AIDSing your voyage to the ends of the world for permanent abode.

And the modern sirens are not only irresistibly beautiful, their splendour they freely open to all men, short and tall, rich and poor, as they struggle to keep form with their beauty that must by tresses and oils be maintained. Beware.

Many were the victims in Odysseus’ days until men chose to live by their heads employing to survive the lure of the sex sirens. Odysseus closed his men’s ears and locked himself up.

The Argonauts distracted their attention to the surens by concentrating on their own musician. You need to wear emotional jockstraps to control your boiling blood, and ‘blind specs’ to avoid looking at these sirens trekking the streets half naked. +256757584907

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