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And finally the truth has been said. A reliable and trusted family told Newz Post that Eddy Kenzo is suffering from non other than love.

Last week, Eddy Kenzo was summoned by Rema Namakula ‘parents’ to explain himself on the ongoing rumour that he is in real love with US based jumpy woman –a one Tracy. In a lengthy meeting, the BET award winner is said to have had a tough time answering the questions.

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Sources say, Kenzo is in a real love fix-call it twosome. Deep inside, him, sources say, Kenzo loves Rema. On the other hand, Tracy, his US based girlfriend is loaded-read very rich. He wants to tap into her money. That is the fix.

Doctors at Case Clinic say, Kenzo is not suffering from anything. In fact, a few hours after being discharged, he was rushed back to the same hospital. It said, at Home, Rema keeps asking him to choose between her and Tracy.

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Interestingly, Tracy keeps telling Kenzo, to chase away Rema and she comes in.

Over to you Kenzo fans and readers. If you told to choose between a beautiful, young,well-behaved, but rather broke woman and rich, but not disciplined woman. Whom do you choose?

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