Dr. Stella Nyanzi: I am not a Lesbian, but an ally and their friend

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Doctor Stella Nyanzi has said that while she is friendly to a local lesbian group, herself, she is not Lesbian. And that she has never received any money from lesbians (locally and internationally) for her ongoing Pads campaign as allegedly by her critics. Critics say she received money from international same sex groups to spread homosexuality to schools all over Uganda. Below is slightly edited version of her post on social media
They say I crossed the line of decency in my writings about Janet, my rejection of her insult dripping with unsolicited forgiveness, and my fuck-off attitude towards the Musevenis and all Musevenists!
They say we need a dialogue. I say, no way am I going to follow in the foot-steps of these bumbling boot-licking peace-brokers who are falling over themselves trying to out-compete each other in showing dangerous Janet that they worship and adore her.

The mouth is as much an organ of eating, forgiving and pleasure, as it is an organ of cursing, war and death. You arrogantly gave me forgiveness with your tongue, Janet, and I will abundantly give you orgasms from cunnilingus with my tongue!
They say I am a dirty insane sick immoral demon-possessed lesbian on a mission to collect so-called “gay money for sanitary pads” from real and imaginary wealthy homosexuals in Uganda and abroad, and then use this “gay money” to spread homosexuality to schools all over Uganda.

They say that the highly excitable defrocked ex-priest who masquerades as minister of state for ethics and integrity should arrest, charge and deny me bail or bond – for some two immoralities or more, as if there are universal moralities shared by all Ugandans living in this immoral country.
I say, no.
I am not a lesbian but instead believe in the equal and full recognition, protection and fulfilment of all the human rights of all human beings, whether they be asexual, pansexual, bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual, transsexual, transgender or intersexual.

I say, yes, I am an ally and friend of the local LGBTIQQQAAA+ movement in Uganda. But I have never received any “gay money for sanitary pads” from either Kasha or Frank in Uganda or from anyone in the Netherlands. If there is such “gay money for sanitary pads”, I want a piece of it now.
They say that it is neither viable nor sustainable to give out sanitary pads to schoolgirls in Uganda. They say it is stupid and dangerous of me to collect money from concerned citizens, buy sanitary pads and give them to schoolgirls who otherwise miss school during their menstruation due to lack of menstrual hygiene materials.

They ask me why I think that Museveni’s government has to provide sanitary towels to schoolgirls. I remind them that Museveni promised the schoolgirls sanitary pads when he was soliciting for their votes in the last presidential campaigns. After super-gluing in the Executive Chair, he sent Janet to parliament saying the government lacks money for pads. These two-faced lying Musevenis.
And with the new Uganda in which the new president fulfils commitments to the poor, there will be no need for foolish intrigue, lies, rumours and suspicions of “gay money for sanitary pads” coming to me from imagined or real homosexuals in Uganda and abroad!
Editor’s note: The original post has been slightly edited.

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