DR Congo election: Sadc proposes unity government, backs recount of votes

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The southern African regional body Sadc has called for a unity government in the Democratic Republic of Congo, following the disputed presidential election.
All political leaders should agree a negotiated settlement, it said.

Opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi was declared winner but another opponent of the current administration, Martin Fayulu, insists he won.
He alleges Mr Tshisekedi made a deal with outgoing President Joseph Kabila.The declaration of Mr Tshisekedi as winner has also been disputed by the influential Catholic church which says it deployed 40,000 election monitors across the country.

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On Saturday, Mr Fayulu filed an appeal in the Constitutional Court demanding a manual recount of votes cast in the 30 December election.
This call was supported by Sadc in its statement issued by Zambian President Edgar Lungu, who is the body’s current chairman.
He and other regional leaders felt the best way forward was a negotiated political settlement and a government of national unity, Mr Lungu said.
He cited the example of similar deals in Zimbabwe and Kenya.

South Africa’s Foreign Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, also said a unity government could prove to be an acceptable compromise for a troubled country in desperate need of peace.
The legal process in the DR Congo should not be pre-empted, and outsiders should not attempt to force a settlement, she added.

Mr Fayulu tweeted to thank Sadc for backing his call for a vote recount but he did not comment on the proposed plan for a government of national unity:
Several Western governments have expressed surprise and concern at the declared results.

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  1. Most of the well wishers of DRC would wish to see Congo settle forever, and become a strong sustainable and independent government. BUT on the contrary they are many self seekers who want to reap where they never sowed; by fueling political disintegration (divide and rule- in this case divide and get an opening – that can allow one to enter the system). So it’s my sincere wish and call upon all political actors to put DRC (Our Zaire) before any one else. DRC is bigger than a person and is more than enough for all of us… please… whether Congolese or African… So my prayer is we should put our egos aside and see to it that Congo is better for all of us.

  2. The world peaceful souls are grateful for the Africans who have participated willingfully in the peaceful transition of administration change in the Zaire- Congo DR. They wish to see that peace is not just a word but a meaning of transformation that creates Unity, stability, human respect and progress. Guess what, Joseph Kabila is a man of 2018, Thanks to President Joseph Kabila leaves office for the in coming administration to help move forward
    For the sake of peace, putting aside the Tutsi/Himas desired genocides operations and progress, earlier settlement of this long awaited peace mall, the all parties who participated must agree to treat this as a transitional period and share with the responsibility to create a long lasting constitution that has to last and guarantees liberty, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of press, freedom of petition and freedom of information act, respect for human dignity, respect of office from abuse and creates Africans’ feel of pride as creates and checks balances with international partners.

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