Do I see Right? In my Pastor I saw the devil

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By Pastor Michael David Kyazze
In my Pastor I saw the devil and abused him and left him.
In my Bible I sow a ghost and I burnt it. In my wedding ring I saw lies and I threw it away.

In other Pastors I saw thieves I kidded and shunned them.

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I my wife I saw a thief and murderer. And I asked for a divorce. I my daughters I saw prostitutes and murderers. I ashamed them publicly.

I my employee, I saw my second wife And chose to make her my next wife. People cheer me on and love me. They can’t touch the anointed.

But I see, what I see, and say what I say !I am lonely, but may need some advice and prayer. ..

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But who can enter my view and verbal range?

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