Desh Kananura ships bullet-Proof Mercedes Benz

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By our reporter

Following the killing of the Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi near his home in Kulambiro by gunmen, loaded Ugandans are not taking chances. They have started boosting their personal security.

One such is Desh Kananura, the renowned rally driver and the proprietor of the famous Panamera Bar.

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Looks like Desh was not convinced by the presidential directives of robust security and street camera’s.

Fresh reports reaching us indicate Desh has shipped a new bullet proof Mercedes Benz to boost his personal security.

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Sources say, Kananura also plans to create a fully guarded private section at Panamera where he will be cribbing with his friends.

And the likes of Tamale Mirundi are not bothered. Besides the government bodyguard, the man boosts of witchcraft and a Jerican of Acid in the back seat of his car just in case.

It is also true that for the past 10 years, the top two killers in Uganda are not guns… but, HIV/AIDS. Here at Newz Post, we have shipped more condoms for our staff.

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