COVID-19: New initiative seeks homegrown sustainable education innovations- to be supported with $100,000

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A new initiative that seeks to among others promote homegrown sustainable education innovations across Africa and capable of mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 in the education sector has been launched
The African Union (AU) Commission on Sunday said that the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated challenges in Africa’s education system.

The African Union Commission says there is the need to promote innovation in the entire education and skills development ecosystems, taking advantage of the digital revolution, in order to increase its impact and also ensure that disadvantaged groups are not left out.
The AUnion in recognition of this urgent need is calling for promising homegrown sustainable education innovations to be supported with up to USD 100,000 in funding and technical assistance towards being scaled.

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Innovations being sought
The innovation should either be in the phase of piloting or implementation in Africa with some demonstrated success with focus on one or more aspects of the education delivery system including data and analytics, teaching and learning management software, teaching and learning materials, connectivity of schools, assessment, education hardware and infrastructure, and school administration. Additionally, the innovation should satisfy at least one of the following:

Enable access to education and improved quality of delivery for those who are unable to access existing services, Demonstrate a scalable, sustainable business and financing model as well as Provide services to consumers at lower prices than existing alternatives.

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