COVID-19: ‘God will help us,’ Magufuli insists there will be no lockdown in Tanzania

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At a time when countries have imposed and are easing lockdowns in the fight against COVID-19, Tanzanian president John Magufuli insists there will be no such thing as lockdown in Tanzania.
During an address to a church congregation over the weekend, Magufuli said “There is not going to be any such thing as lockdown in Tanzania, God will help us. We need to work hard, once the other East Africans are done with their lockdown, they will come to us, and we shall still help them with food, we will not against discriminate them.”

Magufuli said hospitals in the country showed a growing trend of recoveries and promised to open more public places such as schools and universities. “If the trend I am seeing continues in the coming week, I plan to open up universities so students can continue with their education.-Africa News reported.
Meanwhile, a top Tanzanian official has accused Kenya of economic sabotage and questioned the reliability of Kenyan coronavirus test kits in an ongoing row over testing for the virus at the border.

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A statement from Arusha’s Regional Commissioner Mrisho Mashaka Gambo says 19 drivers who were turned away at the border for testing positive for Covid-19 have tested negative back in Tanzania.
The statement also gave figures showing a majority of Kenyan truck drivers tested positive for coronavirus in Tanzania.
According to the BBC, The Arusha Commissioner said that this was a deliberate strategy designed by Kenya to sabotage Tanzania’s tourism industry.

Last weekend, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta closed borders with Tanzania and Somalia following an increase in cross-border infections. However, cargo vehicles are exempt, as long as drivers are tested for coronavirus at the border.
Tanzania responded by banning all traffic from Kenya and a top official went on to accuse Kenyan lorry drivers of importing the virus to Tanzania.

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