Coronavirus: Museveni to address the Nation again today at 8PM

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President Yoweri Museveni will today [Tuesday] at 8pm address the Nation again –according to Press Secretary to the president Linda Nabusayi

The president on Monday evening, announced 16 measures to curb the further spread of the coronavirus. Speaking today during a live update, the President put restrictions on the use of private vehicles as well as instituted a curfew.

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President Museveni also suspended the opening of shopping malls, arcades, hardware shops which he said gather a lot of people to sell and buy non-food items. They are suspended for 14 days starting April 1st.

‘‘The president will address the Nation again today to clarify on some of the extra guidelines on COVID19UG that he issued yesterday [Monday].’’ Ms Nabusayi tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

The president’s address expected at 8pm will be live on all Radio and TV stations.

Some of the issues Uganda think need clarity

Hon Victor Oling Patients with medical emergencies eg. Status epilepticus, Sinus bradycardia, Emergency Hypertension, Hypoglycaemia, Severe diarrhoea, Stroke etc can’t be lockdown / blocked from obtaining hospital care & we all know this quite well. Most of them have minutes to get proper treatment or else will DIE… Cancer patients ,Sicklers etc needs more prayers…..Asthma too.
copied from a brother’s post. Would be good to get clarity.

Willy Ouma Let him clarify on the issue of closing down the hardware shops and yet he allows construction to go on, where do they get the construction materials from? He should also clarify on the issue of use of private cars, if it’s total lockdown, why allow people on foot to travel and not private cars? Does the private cars spread coronavirus and not people on foot? Thanks

Andrew Ndawula Kalema Nabusayi Wamboka Wamboka….. kindly get these directives written down and distributed in the media….to avoid this confusion,

Nabaasa Innocent: Government has clarified, Incase of a health emergency you can approach your LC1 chairperson for permit instead of RDC. if in Kampala, you can as well call KCCA on 0204660816

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