Kabuleta arrested for referring to the President, as “a gambler, thief and liar.’’- Police

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Joseph Kabuleta has recently authored critical dossiers against the regime including the first family.Mr Kabuleta has lately been critical of the first family, over what he calls a plan by different people to have President Yoweri Museveni’s son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba succeed him as President.
Police say Joseph Kabuleta “posted grossly offensive messages…where he referred to H.E.The President, as “a gambler, thief and liar.

Kabuleta is a Bible teacher especially called to awaken the Church towards the reality of the soon return of Jesus Christ. He is the founder of the Watchman Ministries

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Kabuleta made news two years ago when he was pictured kissing prophet Mbonye’s shoes in a ceremony that took place at Kololo airstrip.
Kabuleta was picked by police detectives on Friday for interrogation on a range of issues which officials say include “venomous” Facebook posts. ‘ ‘A team of detectives from Special Investigations Division has today arrested Joseph Kabuleta, as self styled pastor, and put him in custody. He has been pprehended because of offensive communication against the person of the president” Police statement reads in part.

it adds: according to preliminary information, the writer repeatdly posted grossly offensive messages, under ‘Joseph Kabuleta Weekly Rant Returns” refering to the Fountain of Honour as ‘ ‘ A gambler, Thief, and Liar”, section 25 of the computer Misuse Act, 2011, criminalizes such acts of communication.

‘ ‘It’s nice to see that Muhoozi’s bevy of well-paid promoters are finally earning their dimes. They must be on a mega payroll to believe that someone as dull and lifeless as him can be president. Museveni would have to put us all to sleep before that happens. Mutubalemu ku magezi.’’ Reads post on twitter attributed to Joseph Kabuleta.
‘ ‘By the way, I just realized that in the Godfather movie, the old man Vito Corleone died before he could install his son as the new Don. Don’t you just love movies!’’

/JKabuleta”> Kabuleta, faces charges related to annoying the person of the president. He is also is reportedly accused of promoting hatred towards the president and First Lady Janet Museveni.

Kabuleta for president 2021?
“God chooses leaders through his prophets.” This is a message Prophet Elvis Mbonye has often preached in his Tuesday fellowships, saying anyone who wishes to be president of Uganda must worship at his fellowship.

The prophet has repeatedly said he was once praying and God showed him a few people among his flock.
However, he never name names, because “he cannot risk causing chaos”. Those close to Kabuleta say God confirmed the same prophecy to him but the actual pronouncement, according to Mbonye, will come at a later time when a normal transition, one without political chaos will be possible.

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