Church wants govt to deduct a compulsory monthly fee from salaried Catholics

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The Catholic Church is proposing that government starts to deduct a compulsory monthly fee [tithe, 10 per cent.] from all salaried catholics.
Government will in turn forward the collections to the church for development. The proposal was announced by Kampala archdiocese Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga on Sunday at Lubaga Cathedral

Dr Kizito Lwanga, says many Catholics do not pay tithe, which slows down church work.
“We lie to God that we pay church tithe off our monthly salaries. when time to pay the tithe reaches, Catholics just pick whatever they get from their pockets and give in, but the tithe the Bible talks about means that you pay 10 per cent of your monthly salary,” NTV Uganda quoted Dr. Kizito as having said.
Dr. Kizito Lwanga gave example of Germany where the government takes the responsibility of collecting the church’s monthly tithe from salaries and hands it to respective Catholic Church leaders.

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“In Germany where I have recently been, if an employee is supposed to be getting one million shilling, the government deducts Ugx.100, 000 and he/she walks away with Ugx. 900,000,” Archbishop Lwanga said.
It remains unclear as to whether Catholic believers will support the idea.

Are Ugandans already paying enough tax?

Given the informal nature of Uganda’s economy, very few Ugandans pay taxes. One such category that suffers a lot are salaried citizens; from Income tax to Pay as You Earn. There are other deductions including NSSF, monthly loans, insurance etc.

Income tax: any individual who earns any amount exceeding 410,000 pays Ugx. 25,000 plus 30% of the amount exceeding Ugx. 410,000. Where the chargeable income of an individual exceeds Ugx. 10,000,000, an additional 10% on the amount exceeding Ugx. 10m per month.

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