Chameleone promises revenge if another musician is attacked, killed

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Music Doctor Jose Chameleone has promised revenge if another Ugandan musician is attacked and killed recklessly. He was speaking at the Burial of Mowzey radio on Saturday.

Mowzey, 34, died on Thursday after spending 10 days in hospital being treated for injuries he sustained during a fight in the bar.
He said musicians are angry and tired of disrespect and the conditions under which they operate. Chameleon who appeared in a military outfit with a modular head gear repeatedly sounded a warning to all those who continue to target musicians’ lives.

He spoke in unequivocal voice as he mentioned the many musicians who have succumbed to clobbering in the recent past including his younger brother AK 47, Producer Danz Kumapesa real names, Dan Mukisa among others.
Chameleone also called on journalists to deliver his message to all Ugandans saying that musicians are tired of disrespect.

He said that any person who beats musicians, he vowed they [Musicians] will fight back. “We are tired of disrespect,” he said. He also accused journalists for what he called propagating incorrect information about musicians. He however appealed to journalists to tell Ugandans that musicians are valuable people who deserve respect.

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Chameleone’s brothers, Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel and Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso, asked President Museveni to change the security situation for musicians. He said it was becoming a norm for musicians to be killed with no investigations carried out.

“Muzeeyi tukooye, kyusaamu, bitutamye [Mr president we’re exasperated, change is needed because we’re fed up of these killings…” Pallaso kept on shouting amidst cheers from crowds of mourners.

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