Budget 2021/22: Govt. to create one million jobs

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The 2021/2022 financial year budget totaling ugx. 44.7 trillion Under the theme ‘Industrialisation for Inclusive Growth, Employment and Wealth Creation.’ Was on Thursday afternoon presented to parliament by newly appointed minister of state for Planning and Ntenjeru North MP Amos Lugoloobi on behalf of President Yoweri Museveni.

Below we bring you some of the highlights

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In order to promote investment, foreign and domestic direct investment will be facilitated. This will increase value addition, as well as enable technology and knowledge transfer. 350,000 direct jobs and 650,000 indirect jobs are expected to be generated.
To this end, 23 regional Industrial Business Parks to be spread across the country, will be established, among others.

The commercialization of our oil and gas endowments will generate investments of between US$ 15 – 20 billion over the next five years. The requirement to have these investments with substantial local content will enable the creation of jobs and allow local companies to benefit from supplying goods and services to the petroleum sector.
Next financial year priority, will be placed on improving staffing and teacher quality at all levels.
To this end, 4,200 primary school teachers will be recruited to raise the national staffing level to 70%. In addition, 1,055 secondary teachers will be recruited in local governments with staffing level below 50% of the establishment.

To improve supervision, 440 inspectors.


The budget of the Judiciary was substantially enhanced from Shs 199.1billion to Shs.376.9 billion. Out of this, Shs. 146.6 billion has been provided for the recruitment and facilitation of judicial staff.

Uganda’s products now have a widespread regional presence

Manufacturing has significantly diversified into many new products such as ethanol from sugar, and casein and powdered milk from dairy. In addition, Uganda’s products now have a widespread regional presence.
For instance, in the pharmaceutical industry, CIPLA Quality Chemical Industries Limited (CIPLAQCIL), now has a footprint in West and Southern Africa. In the steel industry, Roofings Limited has become a premier source of Steel and Plastic in East and Central Africa.

Scientific research and innovation is now transforming Uganda’s industrial base
Two silk processing factories in Sheema and Mukono have acquired State-of-the-Art Silk Yarn processing equipment to produce high quality silk products.
The silk industry is projected to earn Uganda US$100 million annually, and will create at least 150,000 jobs by 2030. The National Research and Innovation Programme has also supported the development of Makapads – a non-irritating herbal sanitary pad, among others.

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