Book Review: OUT OF SIGHT; Bold and insightful!

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By: Andrew Muhimbise

Always refreshing reading a Ugandan authored book.

Lindzy recounts her life between the ages of 08 and 13 years, writing with the purity of a young mind. Her pre-teen anger is aimed at what she went through as a pupil at an eminent primary boarding school.

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Lindzy is the protagonist in this half autobiography and half advocate for a crusade, she aptly deploys all writing styles of persuasive, narrative, expository, and descriptive.

For the autobiography it’s a lane down memory lane for anyone who attended primary board school in the recent past. The escapades, adventures, sports, stealth holiday programs, _kakalabanda_ , superstitions, school trips, visiting days, laying beds with 90 degrees corners, house mothers, feasting on banned grab and many more. Of eating banana and orange peels reminds one of Lord of the Flies a classical book on children left to their own devices- Lindzy brings that out quite well. Very impressive succinct flow of events and descriptions.

For the latter her crusade is making the case to ban Corporal punishment. She documents the forms of torture and punishment inflicted in excess and unjustified for children. A chilling tale of adult cruelty which she argues releases to the word a bunch of damaged souls, that even if with good grades, can hardly stand up for themselves. She posits that later life trauma and anxiety emanate from such kind cruelty overseen by teachers whom ironically parents entrust with their children. She writes in pathos to drive her case home.

Lindzy fires a shot at the Buganda culture pre-teen cherished sexual practice of Labia Minora Elongation ( _Okukyalira ensiko_ literally translated as visiting the bush), her bone of contention is on why pupils parental consent is not sought and why it is compulsory for every pupil (not exclusive to Baganda girls). She gives a good account on the: how, why, where, and after impacts of the labia minora elongation practice. The Buganda acclimatisation saying _bwogenda ebulya mbwa olya mbwa_ (literally when you where they eat dogs eat dogs) is out argued.

Lindzy, a Gen Z, gifts invaluable institutional memory to the cause of routing out corporal punishment in primary boarding schools, the book’s title is inspired by keeping away things from the light of day- so she puts it out to dry hence is *OUT OF SIGHT* . Bold and insightful!


Author: Lindzy Byamugisha

Published: 2021

Price: 35,000/= (thirty-five thousand Uganda shillings only)

Available: contact author +256 750 150702

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