Bobi Wine Vs Bebe Cool Bobi is a ‘people’s hero, a symbol of hope to Uganda; Bebe Cool hawks yellow t-shirts, begs one man for survival

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By Aldrine Nsubuga Snr

We owe it to this man – Give him the attention he so badly needs lest he stops being Bebe Cool.
Mr Bebe Cool, I always thought you are not worth a comment and I still think so. So let’s cut to the chase.
You are Bebe Cool, He is President Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi;
You hawk yellow t-shirts. A mere sight of Bobi draws hundreds of thousands of admirers who risk lives and come running. To have a look at Bobi, villagers swim through snake infested waters, climb atop trees and houses, while others climb hills. City dwellers take bullets, tear gas, beatings and even die; just for Bobi.

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You kneel and beg one man for survival; riches and blessings seek out Bobi even without work.
You knew your sale value went down because Bebe Cool means nothing to people and so you have changed tactics – every word, every post, every interview, every picture from or by you is about Bobi now! You have turned into his biggest admirer. You finally gat it…the ghetto boy is the real deal now. Welcome to our world Bebe Cool. Finally you know who Big Size is.
It is the reason why Bobi, the wine NEVER has time for you. He even forgot you exist. But you can’t forget him for a second because he is in your face 24×7. Live with it Bebe. It’s your new world.

What a great marketing job you are doing for my boy. I love what you are doing these days Bebe – you are making it a point that everyday, your fans follow Bobi Wine via your FB page and through your staged interviews. It’s called promotion. That’s free mileage by a man who pretends to hate Bobi so much. Your fans, who should be reading about NRM campaigns are being shown daily how the ghetto boyz campaigns are – like a bush fire; how he is the new darling of Ugandans. You are painting red NOT yellow in the minds of your fans and your pay masters too. We love this. Thank you. Thank you.

You are tired of your own party and president. In these campaigns, NRM is all boring for you. So now you have climbed the train because it is in Bobi that you find vibe, energy and passion. You miss this. You are angry and humiliated that posts about your candidate and party attract no attention anymore, comment or engagement of any sort. So you turn to the magic name Bobi, the wine – now your hero. Your idol. Yes, you are idolising your nemesis. You pretend to be abusing him, but it’s mileage. His name. Again, thank you. It takes a man to acknowledge another.

And now this picture; of you posing with a car
Doesn’t it sum up who you are Bebe Cool? The world of make believe which you live in is absurd.
In contrast with this picture, Bobi the wine, is pictured daily sorrounded by tens of thousands of daily Ugandans you love to call locals; His images are a mix of soiled suits, teary eyes from tear gas effect, sunken eyes from lack of sleep, bloody nose, swollen face, flat tyres, bullet shuttered windscreen, dead bodies, maimed bodies. Thankfully on more occasions, his images show euphoric scenes, joyful faces, laughter, victory chants, dance, jubilations. Happy common people sharing a moment with their hero. Their idol.

It’s a marked difference that shows the level between two individuals who once shared a trade – music.
The one is living in a deluded world of ‘Alone, Big size and arrived’ while the other is living the real world of a ‘people’s hero and a symbol of hope to the nation’ The latter – Bobi; alowooleza gwanga and the former – Bebe; is thinking about a big numberless car, a big house, pair of shorts in a yellow t-shirt and gossiping

That; Bebe Cool is the difference between you and Bobi, the wine. He is doing interview with CNN, BBC, SkyNews, New York Times., whikle to distribute yellow t-shirts and gossiping

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