Bobi Wine to Museveni: killing, torturing us only gives us more resolve to fight on

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Presidential candidate Bobi Wine on Tuesday revealed that there has been several targets at his life, but by the grace of God, he is still alive.

‘‘Ever since we announced that we would contest against President Museveni, there has been untold brutality’’ he said

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We went ahead to list the attempts at the lives of those close to his team.

Bobi Wine made the revelation during a press conference at the National Unity Platform headquarters in Kamwokya

He said ‘‘I know the regime is doing this to demoralize us. I can assure you, [president] Museveni and your cronies, we will not give up. We will die trying. We shall not give up. We are going to be free or we shall die trying to be free. Torture as many people as you can torture before we kick you out’’

He added: I want to tell Gen. Museveni and his cronies, we’re not going to give up or we shall die trying to be free. All this that you’re doing to us is giving us more resolve to fight on. What else can we do to repay for Francis Senteza Kalibalaka’s life other than fighting on?

On Sunday, Senteza was picked from the road around Busega roundabout where he had been abandoned in a pool of blood.

Mr. Kyagulanyi insists his bodyguard Francis Senteza Kalibala (Frank) was deliberately knocked dead by a military truck.

The X-ray sheets contained a reconstruction of Senteza’s head that portrayed a sunken and broken skull. The report also showed jaw-bones broken multiple times.

Mr. Kyagulanyi told mourners on Monday that a medical report indicated that the Senteza died from injuries that could have been caused by an extra force onto the head and the chest. Reports also showed that the diseased had undergone internal bleeding in the lungs.

‘‘We paused the campaigns only for today. We are going to resume campaigns tomorrow. We shall come to you in whatever style – rub-a-dub style…If you close the door, we go through the window’’ he said
Uganda People’s Defence Forces spokesperson, Brig Flavia Byekwaso in a statement on her official social media platform said the diseased had fallen off a fast moving vehicle.
“UPDF would like to clarify that the late Senteza Frank a @NUP_Ug candidate close protection person was not knocked by a Military Police Vehicle as purported, but rather fell off a speeding car Reg No UBF 850z (Drone) he tried to jump to but fell off,” she said in a Facebook post.

Bobi Wine also thanked the people in the diaspora for the financial support because he says treatment of brutalized supporters is expense. Says they wouldn’t have been able to do it without their support

Regarding the continued torture of journalists, Bobi Wine said the state is now targeting journalists because they fear cameras
‘‘They fear the truth coming out. Journalists, you’re the reason we keep moving, keep exposing the truth. I thank you for walking out on the disrespectful spokesperson. Thank you for not taking that nonsense’’

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