Bobi Wine: Govt. purposely killing the media to loot state resources without anyone seeing

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By Bobi Wine
3rd May was the International Press Freedom Day. I stand in solidarity with all the courageous journalists in Uganda who continue to do their work in the midst of untold harassment, intimidation, torture and brutality.

Thank you, brothers and sisters in the media fraternity, for withstanding state crackdown and standing firm in the face of a brutal regime. Every autocratic regime targets the media because as they say, ‘democracy dies in darkness’.

Whenever the media is silenced, despots get a field day to kill, torture and silence citizens. Then they can plunder state resources without anyone seeing! That is why the regime in Uganda is desperate to kill whatever is left of media freedom!

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Indeed, this year’s day comes at a time when several journalists risk losing their jobs because the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has illegally ordered their media houses to suspend them with immediate effect!
Their crime? Because they covered us as we went to Busabala on 29th April!
Therefore, our struggle to free Uganda must include the struggle to free the media.

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