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On 24th February 2016, Bebe Cool posted on social media: Ugandans, please stop talking too much politics, it is a new day. Winner or loser, check your pocket to see if it has money and if it does not, go and do something about it.

True to this, Tubonga Naawe musicians have followed his advice. After checking their pockets and bank accounts are noting that the main man behind The Tubonga Naawe song had not deposited their balance, they are now planning to take him to Commercial Court to iron out the issue.

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It is said the group received Ugx. 400m for the song. Each of the eight musicians was supposed to get Ugx. 50m. The money was allegedly deposited in the account of Gamagel Boss. However, he paid his colleagues less urging that his bosses paid him less. Bebe Cool a prominent supporter of the ruling NRM party and President Museveni promised to clear them when his bosses ‘pay up the balance’

As loyal servants, his colleagues waited without anything coming from Bebe Cool. Now that the Campaigns are done, the group rushed to the NRM Secretary General to ask for their balance. Only to be told that they paid Bebe Cool all their cash.

The angry musicians are now waiting for Bebe Cool to return to Uganda to take him to Court.

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