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By Nakawunde Kautharah

You spend 365 days and 8760 hours in a year saving to celebrate the New Years Eve but how I wish you spend rightfully or for the good of you, your family and the future. Newz Post is unveiling to you the thugs who you willingly give your savings without noticing and other take your savings due to your ignorance and some catch you offside and you get served.

The list is amazing for the facts that even the un-thinkable ones are busy advertising to persuade you attend their gigs but the concealed agenda is stilling your money.
And here the list goes:

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God created a human being with a brain that gets tired and it is natural to get exhausted that’s why he created day and night. I swear to you no musician can effectively perform on more than one event however much some of them allegedly perform under the influence of Drugs.
Musicians are advertised in more than one place but what they will do is to make you sing for yourself yet you pay them to sing for you.

BaKifeesi (Conmen)

Kiface isn’t a new term in Kampala. These are gangs of thieves that target you late in the evening , at night and impassable corridors of down town. Here are the black spots: who doesn’t know Charm towers via Brood! It is proving to be their home indeed that it no bizarre to find someone bitten and bags taken. Others are Conrad House along Entebbe Road, Nkrumah, Luwumu, Shoprite Ben Kiwanuka and many places.

Shop Keepers and vendors
They are targeting your ignorance that out of excitement to give you fake and expired products.


They are ranked among top fortune hunters that some of them won’t adjourn their preaching sessions without proclaiming the word wealth and they have built houses, bought customized cars, married women and travelled overseas on your money.

Apparently they are all scrambling for venues while dishing out brown envelopes in the name of tithe (kimu-kyakumi) as technically asserted.They are on radios preaching that the greatest blessing can be got during end of year prayers they are telling big lies that entrance is free and others are putting up smaller money like 2000/ for entrance.

We are not suggesting that you shouldn’t go to churches but why buy prayers and miracles! If that pastor seriously works for Jesus remind him of Matthew 10:8 (Freely you have received; freely give)But guess what for your pastors do a trick of mathematics and the calculation is that every single coin counts and they chase to make great numbers.

Assuming your pastor gathers 10000 people and everyone pays Ugx. 5000 shillings as in offertory and 5000 in the brown envelope each how much do you pay? And where is the accountability? How many schools, roads, and hospital do they build?

Let’s take another simple economics. you are a family of eleven and assuming you are to spend 10000 each in end of year prayers and kilo of posho is 2000 how many meals have you wasted on a prayer from a fortune seeker.

The Police
Forgive me if am creating a bad image for Uganda Police but who am I to dispute reports by international agencies that ranked them top in Corruption! If you want them to eat your money then Drink and drive.
It ends…

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