Another Rwandan opposition politician – Seif Bamporiki shot dead in South Africa

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Another Rwandan opposition politician living in exile- Seif Bamporiki has been shot dead.
Bamporiki was an active and devoted member of Rwanda National Congress headed by General Kayumba Nyamwasa.
The spokesman for the Rwanda National Congress was assassinated in Cape Town, South Africa.
He was gunned down on Sunday 21st February, around 07:30 PM, Cape Town – South Africa time.

Reports say Seif Bamporiki had been delivering furniture to a client on Sunday afternoon in Cape Town. It is not clear whether the murder was politically motivated.
The assailants took mobile phones and wallets before they fled the scene.
No arrests have been made.
Party official Etienne Mutabazi told the BBC that a client had made contact with Mr Bamporiki – who runs a bed shop – asking if he had a bed to sell.
The client then asked for the bed to be delivered in Nyanga township and drove with Mr Bamporiki and his associate to the area where the bed was supposed to have been delivered.
Mr Bamporiki was reportedly killed by a single shot fired through the window of the vehicle.

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