Andrew Mwenda: Kayihura summoned by Chief of Defence Forces ‘‘to question him or arrest him?’’

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Former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura has been summoned by Chief of Defence Forces
According to Andrew Mwenda, Gen. Kayihura has been summoned to Kampala by CDF.

‘‘ I can also confirm that Kale Kayihura is not under arrest – yet! But last evening a UPDF helicopter with a brigadier on board landed at his home but he was not there. Now he has been summoned to Kampala by the CDF. It seems they want to question him or even arrest him’’ Mwenda tweeted on Wednesday morning

He added: meanwhile close associates of Kale Kayihura, Col Ndahura, the former head of Crime Intelligence and Richard Ndabwoine, the former head of cyber intelligence have been arrested.

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There were conflicting media reports of Kayihura’s arrest. The Observer for example reported that Kayihura had been arrested on the orders President Museveni and currently detained at Officer’s mess in Kololo.

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