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By Nakawunde Kautharah

While campaigning for President Museveni, the newly converted Kisiro Go Forward executive team led by Mr. Tumusabe urged Ugandans to vote President Museveni saying that NRM is the only party that can deliver to their expectations.

“We have been in Go Forward, but now we have decided to come back home because we found out that Go Forward is a family party. Let us all unite and support President Museveni and NRM,” Tumusabe said.

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Candidate Museveni who is on campaign trail in Kabale district is accompanied by his daughter Natasha Museveni Karugire. Speaking at his second campaign rally at Bubare S.S.S. in Bubare subcounty in Rubanda East Constituency, Kabale district, Museveni said that the NRM government is committed to fighting youth unemployment through industrialization and skills development, adding that government is going to build an iron and steel factory in Muko, Kabale District.

“We are going to build a steel factory in Muko. This factory will provide jobs to the youth. Those who deceive you that Museveni wants to put the factory in Mbarara are liars. It is a lie. Mbarara has its own natural resources” he said.

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On the issue of roads, President Museveni noted that most of the main roads have been worked on and that government will tarmac those that are not yet done. He said that electricity is almost in every area in the country.

He lashed out at those who are saying that Museveni should go saying that the reason they say that is because they want him to go so that they destabilize the country.
President Museveni called on families to improve their household incomes by engaging in modern agro production to fight poverty in their homes.

The people of Rubanda East constituency through their leaders pledged to give the NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni 100% support in the coming general elections citing the peace, unity, and development ushered in by the NRM government.

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