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Amama Mbabazi Manifesto, here are 13 key issues

Last week presidential hopeful and former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi launched his manifesto that addressed issues like transport, job creation, corruption among others. Here we unveil the key issues in first 100 days

Moratorium on all land transactions where there are disputes

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Restoration of  presidential term limits

Removal on restrictions banning those under 30 years from standing for elective office     for town councils, municipalities and sub county leadership.

Introduce Qui tam, Strengthen whistleblowers protection

Start solve transport problem by getting taxi operators and other stakeholders together to form a public transport system they own.

Reintroduce bulungi Bwansi-read community service

Embark on the Master Physical plan for Kampala and other major towns and municipalities

Amend the National Council of Sports Act in order to re-organize our national sports bodies and ensure national teams are well prepared for upcoming competitions.

Cut wastage in government expenditure and in particular cut State House budget by over 60% from UGX .257,3 billion to UGX. 100 billion.

Cap spending by government to 2014/2015 levels and allocate the savings to crucial sectors

Set-up a commission to review all wages and salaries and allowances for public service employees

Amend the leadership code to give IGG the power to obtain financial records of public officers and to demand proof of source of income

Copyright laws will be implemented to strengthen creativity, invention and innovation

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