70 year old man arrested for defiling his 4 year old grandchild

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The police in Butambala has in custody, a 70 year old male adult, Kiwanuka Haruna for the aggravated defilement of his 4 year old, grandchild.

The incident occurred on the 3rd February 2020 at 6:30pm, at Bulaawa village, Kalamba Subcounty, Butambala District.
The suspect reportedly called the victim behind the latrines and asked her to lay on her back. The suspect then removed his trouser and defiled her.

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According to Police, the victim narrated the ordeal to her mother who immediately reported the matter to police.
The scene was well documented and samples recovered from the scene for comparison with that found on the victims’ clothes and body, and from the suspect. The victim was further examined on PF3 and its appendix and subjected to PEP as a preventive measure.

In a separate incident, the police in Busia, arrested Juma Stephen, a 38 year old father, and a resident of Buyodi Village, Limino Parish, Busia District, for defiling his two biological daughters, aged 13 and 15 respectively.
The suspect allegedly defiled his 13 year old daughter, in the morning of 19th Deember 2019, and later asked his 15 year old daughter to escort him to the garden to pick mangoes.

He also defiled her in the garden and left her behind crying. The victims reported to their mother, who never took any action but instead informed her father – in – law who also concealed the matter.

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