27-year old unemployed man fasts for 33 days in hopes of winning a Lamborghini, narrowly survives death

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Mark Muradzira, a Youth Leader of Risen Saints Church in Bindura decided to take faith to the next level.
Unfortunately, it didn’t end remotely as well as expected.
Muradzira (27) was found almost dead after a 33 day and 33 nights fast. Accordingly, the fast was actually supposed to last for 40 days and 40 nights.

The reason behind this fast had even the Church leader, Bishop Mawuru, shaking his head disapprovingly.
Mark was fasting for a Lamborghini since his girlfriend had said that it was her dream car.
The young man almost died alone during the fast as he had separated himself from people to avoid any temptation whatsoever.
Fortunately, his friend found his hiding place before it was too late. The frail and unrecognisable Muradzira was taken to Bindura General Hospital. He is finally said to be recovering.

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Many including the aforementioned Bishop have expressed that the young man should have at least fasted for something like a job since he is unemployed. Church members had tried to raise the money to make the young man’s dreams come true but upon realising that the cheapest Lambo costs $400 000 quickly aborted the mission. They resorted to helping with the man’s hospital bills with the $37 they had thus far raised.

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