13 powerful lessons for a happy relationship and marriage

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By Franklin Mondo Mugisha
Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love.
1. There is nothing too difficult for God to do. Trust Him as a couple, commit your requests to Him and He will surprise you.

2. Marriage is about sacrifices. You need to sacrifice your resources, time, personal needs, etc
3. Communication is key. Never assume that your partner is a mind-reader. In marriage, silence is not golden!
4. Respect your partner always. If you don’t respect them, others will also be disrespectful towards them.
5. A good marriage is not 50/50. Both partners must give 100 percent.

6. A marriage that is built on the foundation of GOD; though there are raging storms, will stand the test of time.
7. It is good, infact, very good for couples to intentionally create time to be alone to relax, have fun, hang out, etc.
8. At some point, people will say negative things to you about your partner ( it may even be true). However, never allow that to change the way you feel about your partner.
9. Marriage does not block off ones sense of admiring others. After marriage, you will see other people that you admire but it’s important to be disciplined and exercise self control

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10. The devil does not want any marriage to stand. You can overcome him with prayers, good conduct towards your spouse and marriage, perseverance, commitment to your marital vows, etc.
11. Trust is key in marriage. Trust your partner and never engage in things that will lead to mistrust
12. To enjoy a good marriage, you have to give and love unconditionally.
13. Men will only put a marriage assunder if the partners in the marriage give them room or allow them to.

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