UNHCR team leader arrested for putting his ‘gun’ in the wrong spot

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The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Team Leader, Ali Khemis 65, has been arrested for allegedly sodomising and shattering the rectum of a waitress Jenefer Acan and others in Kitgum district.
He has reportedly been luring his victims most of whom are female into carnal knowledge, contrary to the Penal Code Act.

On Monday, Kitgum Woman Member of Parliament, Beatrice Anywar told journalist at parliament that the UNHCR officer; Khamis Ali ‘‘doesn’t only harass girls in camps but also those in hotels where he stays.’’
Anywar revealed that a team of investigators from Geneva came to Lamwo district to investigate allegations of sexual harassment in camps. The team recommended that any UN officer caught in such act doesn’t have diplomatic immunity and should face the law.

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Anywar also asked government to take this case seriously, adding that one of the girls sodomised by the UNHCR officer is in critical condition, requiring anal surgery. She wants the UNHCR officer to compensate his victims.
“ Jenefer is in bad state. I was supposed to have come with her here, but she is in too much pain and stool flows without her control,” said Anywar. She added that Khemis has been using his financial muscle to lure young girls in Kitgum and other areas into his dirty sex games where he turns his ‘gun’ into the wrong spot.

Anywar revealed that Khemis attempted to bribe the officers investigating the case from Kitgum CPS, the case was later on transferred to regional office in Gulu before it was transferred to Kampala under the orders of Grace Akullo, director Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department.

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