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By Moses Kaketo

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PepsiCo Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Indra Nooyi, is coming to Uganda. She is coming to Uganda to celebrate, Pepsi Uganda recent victory over traditional rival. Crown Beverages Limited the manufacturers of Mirinda Fruity, Mountain Dew, Pepsi Cola recently took over the Uganda beverage market. The beverage manufacturer now commands a 53 percent market share.

Market intelligence reports show that Mirinda Fruity commands the lion’s share of beverage market Uganda, while the company’s other brands- Mountain Dew, Green Apple are in freewheeling with no direct competitor brands from traditional rival Coca Cola. The other main player is Harris International, the manufacturers of RihamCola.

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According to reliable sources, The CEO of the world’s second largest Beverage business by net revenue is expected to visit the country in March 2016. The visit was recently confirmed to Crown Beverages top management. During her visit, Mrs. Nooyi is expected to unveil a number of initiatives and support to Crown Beverages. According to impeccable sources, the president is expected to announce an increase from PepsiCo marketing support to Crown Beverages.

This, according to industry experts and marketing guru’s is expected to up the game in the beverage market. Rivals Coca Cola have already increased their marketing and product development budget as they seek to regain first class status. The company recently launched Fanta fruity, a brand that directly competes with Crown beverage Mirinda fruity. Coca Cola has also increased her branding and online campaigns. Looks like the soda’s have just started.

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Mrs Nooyi was named president and CEO of PepsiCo on October 2006. She has since directed the company’s global strategy for more than a decade and led its restructuring, including the divesture of its restaurants into a successful Yum brands. She is also credited for the acquisition of Tropicana and the merger with Quaker Oats that brought the vital Quaker and Gatorade businesses to PepsiCo. Her role in the merger PepsiCo’s anchor bottlers, and acquisition of Wimm-Bill-Dann, the largest International acquisition in PepsiCo’s history cannot be ignored.

The Pepsi market share has climbed from a paltry 17 percent in the early 1900’s to the current 53 percent. This milestone has been achieved through Consistency, focus and innovation. Crown Beverage is the only Beverage Company in Uganda that employs local Ugandans from top leadership (CEO) to the lowest employee in the company structure. This has given them local advantage-these employees understand the local market and culture. This has helped them to launch market driven products and promotions that has delivered results.

The company also uses local distributors something that has seen her products reach every corner of the country. The team led by Lugolobi, has taken innovation seriously and the results have been self-rewarding. All the products the company has launched in the recent past have been well received by the market thanks to an efficient and effective product development, distribution and marketing team.

Mrs Nooyi’s visit to boost Uganda’s tourism

Mrs Nooyi is one of the world’s influential people. She is also among top highly paid people in the world. According to 2014 PepsiCo foxy statement, Indra earned total compensation of US$ 19,087,832. Broken down as Total cash US$ 13,435,000, Equity US $ 5,497,767 and others amounting to US$ 155,065.

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In 2007 and 2008, The Time Magazine, named the 61 year old, among the top most influential people in the world. The MBA graduate from Yale University also appeared on the List of the top 50 Global women to Watch in 2007 and 2008. The list was compiled the globally respected Wall Street Journal. In 2014, the mother of two was named by Forbes among the ‘‘World’s most powerful Moms’’

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Given this background, Mrs Nooyi visit to Uganda is not just an ordinary visit. The country is indeed hosting a global figure. We hope the Uganda Tourism Board will collaborate with Crown Beverages management to make this visit into a big tourism event.

Recent reports indicate that country’s tourism sector has been struggling. Reports indicate Para Lodges are working at below 25% capacity due to declining tourist influx. As the business becomes unreliable, some lodges are either up for sale or have already been sold off.

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