NCBA to rollout digital banking products

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Kenya’s financial services institution NCBA Group it is partnering with Chinese technology firm Huawei in order to roll out its digital banking products for its customers.
John Gachora, managing director of NCBA Group, told journalists in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, that the Chinese company has the competence in developing digital mobile applications that allow financial transactions to take place between local and most major foreign currencies.

“Our partnership will result in a digital bank with a global payments platform geared towards enhancing customers’ experience,” Gachora said when NCBA Group released its half-year financial results ending June 30.
NCBA Group currently has operations in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Cote d’Ivoire.
Gachora said that NCBA Group will accelerate its drive toward digital banking because it will enable the lender to enhance its operational efficiencies by allowing clients to access financial services anytime and anywhere. He believed that digitalization will also enhance the bank’s ability to serve the growing Chinese community in East Africa by facilitating seamless settlement of financial transactions between East Africa and China.

NCBA Group is already supporting a number of Chinese firms that are undertaking infrastructure projects in East Africa through trade finance products

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