Zimbabwean Pastor ‘discovers’ cure for HIV/AIDS “I have been praying for it, God showed me a tree….’’

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Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader, Walter Magaya claims he had found a cure for HIV and Aids as well as cancer-related illnesses.
Magaya said it took him two years to find the organic cure, adding he did the research with his Indian counterparts. The charismatic preacher told congregants during a Sunday service yesterday that the cure was made from herbs found in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Making the announcement during the church’s fifth anniversary in Harare, a city in Zimbabwe, Prophet Magaya said through their health subsidiary, Aretha Medical, and with the aid of an Indian company, they discovered the Aguma herb that contains phytochemicals with powerful antioxidant properties that can boost the immune system and also cure cancer.
He said they had registered Aguma as a supplement and have also spoken to the Government, which he says will have the final say when it makes its own tests on the herbal medicine.
“I have been praying for it, and I have been concentrating on it, but I want to assure you, the world may deny it, but they will eventually agree, because you cannot fight with facts and win. Facts are facts,” Magaya said, sending his congregants wild with excitement.

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“I have seen the hand of the Lord healing his people. I have seen testimonies and I have prayed for people. But while praying, I asked God to lead me to something that can help many. He showed me a tree, he showed me my counterparts in India. We have tested it and found out that it works. I can stand in front of you as a man of God and say I have found a cure for Aids.”
Prophet Magaya said Aguma, which is 100 percent organic, had undergone the appropriate registration as a supplement in Zimbabwe and that Aretha Medical had also approached the World Health Organisation.
“We wrote to the World Health Organisation and they gave us a letter.
“They said they would work hand-in-hand with Government rather than individual-to-individual. The Zimbabwean Government has the right to speak on this,” he said.

Asked by a journalist from Zambia’s Daily Mail if he had tested the cure on anyone, Magaya said the cure had been tested on people living with HIV and “these people have gone negative”.
He said if a person takes the medication, made from an Aguma plant, within 14 days, his CD4 count will have gone up by 200%, suppressing the virus before it eventually disappears
At the 2018 International Aids Conferences in Amsterdam, Netherlands, researchers told delegates that no cure had been found so far and urged people living with HIV to continue taking anti-retroviral drugs as they suppress the viral load and in most cases, to undetectable levels
Meanwhile The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) has slammed claims by controversial preacher that he has found a cure for HIV and AIDS.

“ZADHR acknowledges the prophet’s right to freedom of worship and his entitlements to his beliefs. However it is the conviction of ZADHR that any claims to cure HIV must only be made in the presence of irrefutable scientific evidence that is obtained through proper and ethical research methodologies.
The doctors group said “such unverified claims have the potential to increase the number of Anti Retroviral Therapy defaulters, increased risky behaviour practices and exposure to potentially harmful side effects of the herbs.
Addressing journalists at a Press conference to update media on a meeting held by President Mnangagwa earlier with members of the private sector and to respond to claims by Prophet Magaya on Sunday that he had discovered an Aids cure, Minister for information Mutsvangwa said Government was concerned with these claims as there were processes and procedures in Zimbabwe that medicines go through before they are recognised as effective and safe for use by patients.

Minister Mutsvangwa said in this case neither did the medicines register nor the register of clinical trials had records for Aguma
“The ministry strongly urges all clients on treatment for HIV and Aids to continue on their prescribed medication. Any form of discontinuation or switch made without the guidance of medical professionals may lead to adverse consequences on their health status,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.
She said available medicines have been proven to be safe and effective in lowering HIV virus as well as prolonging the lives of people living with HIV.

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  1. i just believe that nothing is impossible with God and the government should allow Aguma to be used to patient so that they see if it works or not, or else just like traditional healers let the pastor work privately and let it not be a crime just like others.
    i believe all this claims of the government appear because the pastor is am African and what ever good in Africa is regarded bad.


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