Ziggy Wine laid to rest; Bobi Wine insists ‘‘everybody knows Ziggy was brutally murdered’’

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However, addressing mourners in Mitooma, Bobi Wine said:“Police said he died as a result of accident; it’s the same police that said I had guns in Arua and later withdrew the claim. Police had initially said he was killed and they later said it was an accident. He was killed innocently, he did not commit any crime, we are law abiding,”

he added: ‘‘Even if the police spin masters are desperately trying to twist facts, everybody knows that Ziggy was brutally murdered. Incidentally, this comes at at a time when we’ve lost Maama Mary Luwum, whose husband Archbishop Janani Luwum was brutally murdered by Amin’s regime. Like today’s regime is telling lies about Zigy’s death, Amin’s regime also lied to the world that Archbishop Luwum died in an accident.’’