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While appearing on state owned UBC TV, faded musician Ziggy Dee popularly known for pioneering vulgar lyrics with famous hit “Kwata Wakati” in the early 2000’s scoffed at doubters, branding himself a star ranked among the top four musical heavy weights in Uganda. – We were unable to confirm whether he meant top four fading artists.

The struggling musician suggested that he is better than those who think they are Uganda’s leading artists including Bobi wine. In 2015, Ziggy Dee claimed Uganda’s music industry is driven by witch craft.

The singer who is seemingly drained by (weed) said he was denied musical prowess by Bobi Wine who stole his music.

Ziggy currently stays in Gaba and vends his own music has for now focused on devine lyrics, producing and writing gospel Music after joining Pentecostal movement at Pastor Kasirivu’s Gaba Community Church.

Originally Adam Mutyaba, alias Ziggy Dee started with secular music way back with one of his hit songs Eno Mic Ya Zigg Dee.

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Ziggy who is seemingly struggling to prove a point told close friends that he longer goes to clubs, bars and lodges (Maybe he doesn’t have money?) However, Newz Post cited him at Moto Moto Lounge in Gaba.

Maybe he had returned the ‘guns’ (read empty bottles and weed) to the Parish Chief-Gombolola?

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  1. Someone should beat the hands that have been writing such nonsense about Ziggy Dee. Your research is fairly poor done. You think you are so great to drag artists image in the mud? What a poor journalist.


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