Zari: I have ended my sexual relationship with Diamond to save my respect, integrity, dignity

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November 2016, Newz Post compiled for you our dear readers a list of Ugandan top celebrities who seemingly will never settle in any relationship or marriage given their age, life style and all the disgraces they have gone through over the years. Top on the list was Zari Hassan.

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Well yesterday, Zari made the final announcement regarding her sexual relationship with the Tanzania super star. Zari made the announcement on Instagram stating;
“Understand that this is very difficult for me to do. There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in ALL SORTS of media in regards to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond, as my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY & WELL BEING cannot be compromised.
We are separating as partners but not as parents. This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know.

I will continue to build as a mogul, i will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self-respect means”.
To so Zari’s announcement did niot come as surprise. December last year, In an interview with Crystal Newman on Sanyu FM, Zari Hassan, the Boss, revealed that Diamond was on probation due to his cheating ways. Well, it seems he failed the fidelity test
Zari cannot even blame her fate on witchcraft. She is the architect of her own problems “peut être fait son souhait” (may her wish be done) that is the life style she operates

Indeed Zari can get any man at the time she wishes. In her family, this beautiful queen from Busoga, is the Jury and the judge.

Her quest for fame has seen her from move from one man to another. And these are not your ordinary men-from renowned moneybag Ivan Ssemwanga to Faroog Ssempala and then Diamond Platinumz. We told you she had not finally settled.
Her relationships are always bound to expiry. We predicted that Diamond’s day was about to come.

Shaken but not deserted
On receiving ‘the bad news’ Diamond reportedly spent the better part of the day in studio.
While he have had no gift to receive from Zari, the singer could not hide his joy when he received a special shipment from Nigeria. Sound City MVP Awards ‘Best Male MVP’ trophy that he scooped on January 12 arrived just on Valentine’s Day. He referred to the award as ‘Valentine gift’.

“Thank you so much @soundcityafrica i received my Trophy today… Thanks alot to my People for the Votes….Am Humbled & Grateful #AValentineGift”, Diamond shared on his Instagram.

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