World Refugee Day: Uganda to distribute free mosquito nets to 1.4 million refugees

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As the world commemorated World Refugee Day on Wednesday, Uganda said it will distribute mosquito nets to all refugees in the country in efforts to fight the deadly malaria.
According to Ministry of Health, in refugee settlement, Malaria is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality, accounting for 37 percent of the outpatient consultations and 36 percent of inpatient admissions and accounting for 23 percent of under-five mortality and overall deaths.

The ministry also says the number of new Malaria cases among child refugees stands at 80 percent 1,000 while in the general population, it stands at 53 per 1,000.
Health Minister Ruth Aceng told reporters here that refugees residing in 10 settlements will get the nets starting June 23.
“With support from Global Fund, a total of 849,495 mosquito nets have been procured aiming to protect approximately 1.4 million people,” she said.

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A study conducted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in December 2017 showed that only 37 percent of refugee households owned at least one mosquito net.
Uganda hosts refugees from neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi among others. Ministry of health figures show that malaria kills between 70,000 to 100,000 people in the country, mostly pregnant mothers and children.

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