Without God, I wouldn’t be president of Uganda- Museveni

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President Museveni together with the First Lady, Hon. Janet Museveni joined parishioners of St Luke Kinoni Church of Uganda, to commemorate 70 years since he was baptised
Speaking at the end of the church service, President Museveni informed the congregation that the reason he was interested in commemorating this day was so that he would share his history, especially with the youth.

Adding that: ‘ ‘ If I had not come here, I don’t think I would be President of Uganda. It has helped me in many ways’’
“My mother was the pioneer in joining the church, at time when our family was predominantly aligned to traditional beliefs. By this act of Baptism, my mother and father were pioneering in Christianity, as we were leaving traditional religion,” he said.
President Museveni was baptised at St Luke Kinoni Church of Uganda, Rwampara , Mbarara District, on August 3, 1947. He was baptised by the late Rev Eric Sabiti who was later to become the first archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga Zaire.

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“Secondly, I have come to re-energise and emphasise the fact that the Church and other religious institutions build a person’s character. Religious instruction enables you to navigate through life. To know what is evil and what is right, what is good and what is bad.
Societies that have abandoned religion, have not fared well,” he added.

Mr Museveni called upon the youth to take religion seriously. He reiterated that the foundation he got from church “at and after baptism has played a big role in what I have been able to do later in life, including being President.”
First lady Janet Museveni revealed that President Museveni was disturbed by his Actual date and time of birth. She said, the president had to interview and talk to several elders to get know his actual birth date.

‘‘I am making 73 years, born at old Mbarara hospital. When I went there to look for records, there was nothing. I kept asking and was told Nyakanga 1944’’ said the president.
The president used the occasion to thank God for bringing him this far ‘ ‘ I thank God for bringing me this far. Through the wars in Uganda, Luwero to a peaceful country’’

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