Winnie Byanyima to Museveni: It is not too late for you to change course

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Oxfam International Executive Director, Winnie Byanyima has warned Uganda government that the increased oppression of opposition voices in the may lead to rise against what she described as “arrogant, out-of-touch, increasingly violent dictatorship

Byanyima’s warning comes as police increasingly tighten their grip against opposition figures particularly FDC strongman Kizza Besigye, and Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine.
‘ ‘ No shows for Bobi Wine, no radio interviews for Kizza Besigye, only one side, NRM, and [President ] Kaguta Museveni will be heard. ‘’ Ms Byanyima tweeted on Monday.
She added: Soon, Ugandans too will rise against an arrogant, out-of-touch, increasingly violent dictatorship. Sad but not too late to change course.

Police has blocked more than 124 Bobi Wine shows since 2017-the musician turned politician revealed on Sunday. This he revealed on Sunday after the police cancelled his Easter concerts. Dr Besigye has also been blocked from addressing any public gatherings and appearing on radio talk shows in the recent past.

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Meanwhile, President Museveni has said he will not tolerate music shows that are laced with politics.
The President made the warning during a meeting with members of Uganda Music Promoters and Venue Owners Network at State House, where he gave them handled over two billion Uganda shillings as compensation for losses they suffered after police cancelled music concerts of artiste Bobi Wine.
The cash and other donations from the President came at a time when some promoters, such as Mr Yasin Kaweesa and Mr Ema Serugo, lost their property to money lenders. The two were some of the promoters who hired Bobi Wine for the Kyarenga concerts which were cancelled by police.

The President also promised to support a one-stop-centre common user facility for artistes under the ministry of Gender at Kapeeka. Mr Museveni will also give a grant of Ugx. 600m to Uganda women artistes led by Ms Mariam Ndagire to complete their Kapeeka facility for fighting drug abuse.

Another grant of Ugx. 1.8b will be released to assist the promoters who had invested in Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga concerts that were cancelled by police last year. Another donation of Ugx. 200m will go to the artistes’ sacco led by Singer Geoffrey Lutaaya. The President also promised to scrap some taxes such as of the noise tax to reduce double taxation on concert activities, Local governments and National Environment Management Authority have been levying taxes on promoters.

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