Winnie Byanyima asks Museveni to declare his wealth

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I’m a rich man-President Museveni

Are you a bank Loans officer? Please don’t waste your valuable time going to president Museveni with your loan proposals. The president recently disclosed that he buys his goods and services using cash, adding that he is no in debt.
The president was pushed to comment on his personal wealth by opposition MPs, when he mentioned during the State of Nation address at Serena Conference Centre that he locally purchases motorized irrigation pumps for his farms.
“I don’t have a loan; you can go check with all the banks,” he said.

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The opposition MPs pressed further, seeking to know where the president gets all this money. That’s when the president referred to his salary. “My salary, the Ugx. 3.6 million shillings monthly salary,” he said.
When the jeering from the opposition MP’s continued, the president added. “I don’t buy everything from my salary, but also my cows.” The president has two large farms including one in Kisozi Mpigi district.

Reacting to the President’s statement; Winnie Byanyima, the executive director Oxfam International tweeted: When you do the math’s, it [ President Museveni’s claim] doesn’t add up. President Museveni should declare his income and assets.
Frank Tumwebaze, the minister for ICT and National guidance moved in to defend the president: ‘‘Doesn’t he declare? He does of course’’ Frank Tumwebaze tweeted.

To which Winnie Byanyima responded: His explanation here doesn’t add up. He has raised more questions than answers.
Addressing a rally at the Boma Grounds at the district headquarters in Bukedea district, on 25th July 2015, President Museveni said despite being one of the least paid Presidents in Africa, he is a rich man because of what he earns from Agriculture. Museveni is considered one of the largest cattle keepers and traders in the country.

“Your President is one of the least paid on the continent. Although I earn little from your government, I’m a rich man from agriculture. When I tell you that commercial agriculture is wealth, am telling you what I know,” the president said.

According to a recent report by the Africa Review that compiled and analysed salaries of African leaders, the highest paid African president is Cameroon’s Paul Biya who reportedly earns $610,000 while the least paid is Sierra Leone’s President who earns $12,000. President Museveni’s salary was put at $15,000.

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